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Android is a mobile operating system based on the Linux kernel that is currently developed by Google. With a user interface based on direct manipulation, Android is designed primarily for touch screen mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers. As the android mobiles has been wide spread and used by 80% of people, the applications for the android phones are emerging in a fast range. Now we, in Galaxy Technology Park have designed the android applications for Colleges, Schools and for Churches. With this application the admin of the college can login to the app can set any news details or any calendar notification in their apps about their own college. Please contact us to know more about this application and you can share your feedback at info@galaxytechnologypark.com .

Features available in our android applications for colleges:

� Call and Email:

The user can directly make a call to the college office or to the principle of the college. Email can also be sent to the college.

� News:

Current news about your college can be displayed. To read the latest news, please click on the News button at the bottom of the app. This will connect to the server and get the latest news from server. You need internet access to get the latest news. Common news to all the colleges can also be displayed by our highly talented research team.

� Calendar:

A Calendar available in the application helps to set any important notifications or news on any specified dates. To know the date and time of the events of your own College, please tap on the Calendar button at the bottom of the App.

� Details about your own college:

In this app, 8 buttons will be available in the apps enable the user to know about the details of the College..


To know the contact details tap on the Contact button at the bottom of the app. In the new page you can see all the Contact details of the College.

About Us:

Tap on this button to read the full details about the college.


Tap on this button to know details about the departments in the College.


Tap on this button to know about placements and training details of the College.


Tap on this button to know about the administrative Officers of the College.


Tap on this button to know about the facilities available in the College.

Important Links:

Tap on this button to see all the important links and websites of the College.


Tap on this button to read the help contents for this app.

Feature of next version in this application:

� News can be sent as message through internet connection to the mobile phones without any extra charges.

� Attendance of the students can be seen by the parents if they hold this Android application.

� Any update in Sencha Touch will also be included in the next version.

To know more details & Our Apps Admen Free User ID/Password Contact Email!

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