Online Hospital Management System


  • Hundreds of automation features
  • 8 type of user accounts
  • Easiest appointment booking system
  • Private communication with doctors
  • Easiest management of hospital accommodations
  • Tracking of medicines
  • Records of blood donors
  • Records of diagnostics and reports
  • Payroll management
  • User friendly accounting
  • Patient Management
    • Ability to request appointment with a doctor
    • Keep records of patient’s prescriptions and medications
    • Keep track of patient’s payments
    • See all diagnostics
    • Manage operation reports
    • Private communication between doctor and patient
  • Manage Doctors
    • Searchable doctor’s list with full profile
    • Categorize doctors according to departments
  • Hospital management
    • Manage blood bank
    • Keep records of blood donors
    • Allotment of beds and cabins
    • Keep records of medicines
    • Ability to save reports
    • Payslip generation for hospital staffs
  • Take care of tiresome paperworks
    • Ability to add receptionists to take appointments
    • Add pharmacists to take care of medicines
    • Add nurses to look after patients’ informations
    • Automated generation of diagnostic reports
    • Automated generation of prescriptions
    • Easiest billing system
  • Create your own website with your contents
    • Ability to set emergency contacts, opening/closing hours
    • Manage the services you provide
    • Ability for patients to request appointments from website
    • Simple yet convenient blog
    • Expose your hospital to the world


  • Apache server for running php
  • Database access,purchase code during installation
  • Php curl should be enabled
  • One purchase code is legal for using one domain only

    Out-Patient Management Module

     Patient Registration

     Queue Management

     Vital Charts

     Prescription Favourites

     Daycare Management


     Visual Casesheets

     OP Billing


     Dynamic Forms

    In-Patient Management Module

    Insurance Billing

    Chart List

    Corporate Plan

    Integrated Billing

    Food Charts

    Discharge Summary

    Nursing / Physician Notes

    Visual Bed Management

    ICD 10

    Ward Request

    OT Management Module

     OT Booking

     OT Billing

     SMS Notification

     Consent Form

     OT Checklist

     Surgery Notes

     Nursing / Physician Notes

     Visual OT Room Management

     Pharmacy / Inventory Management Module

     Unlimited Stores

     FSN Analysis

     Credit Settlement

     E-Prescription Billing

     Dealer Module

     Purchase Management

     Indents / Issue

     Sale Billing / Return

     Generic Name Search


     Lab / Diagnostic Management Module

    Test / Profiles

    Email Reports

    Radiology Reports

    Report Templates

    Formulas / Derivative

    Delayed Tests


    Abnormal Alert

    Machine Interfacing

    Doctor / Patient Access

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