Online Temple Administration Management Software

Online Temple Administration System is a complete Web based solution for automation of Temple administration tasks. It has equipped with integrating into the existing website of the temple authority and attract more devotees. Also it has the option for the devotees to frequently update about the temple activities


  • Complete Temple Administration Solution
  • High level security with Administrative, Assistive and Counter based three level hierarchies.
  • Multilevel search engine realise flexibility.
  • Billing & booking of offerings; verifying receipts.
  • Multiple options for writing in different regional languages.
  • Detailed / Partial and minimized reports for speedy process.
  • CD Backup, Node Backup and Pen Drive Backup for storing old / future year details. That can handle complete details of records.
  • Panjangam with complete star information for advanced booking of offerings, checking birth star details and special day�s verification.
  • Generate special notices / letters to inform special members and delegates.
  • Complete payroll and salary details of temple workers and handling workers register.
  • Purchase, sales and other material transaction management systems for easy maintaining day”to”day works.
  • Auditorium booking and special functions can be included.
  • Reports for assessment and Reports for submitting in committee.
  • Well performed User Interface.
  • Internet based pooja booking facility.
  • SMS pooja booking facility via Mobile Phones/other communicative Medias.
  • Administrative level Renewal of Users & Pooja facility.
  • Administrators can handle all counters and users for detailed reports/balance sheet.
  • We follow best accounting technique for day “to” day works.
  • Bank Transaction Details and Statements facility.
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