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Alpha Omega Tech Solutions Inc.

Alpha Omega Tech Solutions Inc is an independent company that provides quality services, products and solutions to our customers by maintaining high levels of integrity and professionalism in all business, company and community interactions. And guess what,
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Moon Star Inc

MoonStarInc is a group of technologist work together to support small business. Our primary goal is Customer Satisfaction. We develop tools, products, handbooks, training material to support the user community at all level. Our products target from kids to elderly,
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iMake Solutions

iMake Solutions has over 5 years experience delivering information technology solutions to government, health, education, and to businesses of every size and in virtually every industry sector. With a team of more than 1000 associates, operations throughout USA,

Galaxy Technology Park Inc is one of the leading Android Apps development Company where you will find everything related to App under one roof. We believe in making things Simple and Straight in terms of Nature, Usability and we are exactly doing the same by providing Simple Solutions for Complex Requirements.


Android Apps

Tamil Christian Song

Tamil Christian Song application is developed by people who maintain www.tamilchristians.info. This application has 1500+ Tamil Christian songs and added on weekly basis on Sunday. Please send the song links to info@tamilchristians.info, which will be added in the next release.

Bible Quiz Companion

Bible Quiz Companion is a perfect app for JBQ Coaches and Parents.This app is very helpful to you to prepare your children for theJBQ or TBQ. This app has below modules.1. Individual quizzertraining section (Q &A)2. Team training section (Quiz)3. ScoreBoard (Demo Version).

USA Driving Test

USA Driving test has over 1000+ Questions.There are 28 Categories from which you can select a Category and practice the test There are 10 set of DMV questions each having 50 Questions. .By practicing this test you can pass your driving written test in First attempt.All the best.

EXTJS Question & Answer

EXTJS Question & Answer is a app which has list of questions and flash cards that are asked in technical interviews and also these questions and flash cards will help you to learn new thing in EXTJS. We are planning to add new question every 2 weeks, Hope this application will be useful for you!

Rewards 4 Kids

Rewards 4 Kids App helps you to reward your children easily for good behavior and keep them motivated. With 3 Steps you can start rewarding your child. 1) Enter your Kids details (Name and Photo), 2) Assign available tasks to your kid or add your own tasks and assign to your kid.

Sequential Tap - Schulte Table

Schulte table (a grid with randomly distributed number or letters) is invented by Doctor Schulte for the training of attention and speed reading. It is the simplest and most effective and also the most scientific method for attention training. You need to select all the numbers or letters in the grid as fast as you can.

Explore Emoji - Tamil

Explore Emoji is a first Tamil game were the user has to find the words hidden inside the image. This game will show a list of image clues. The player has to find the words that represent the image. For example if the Emoji has two images as gold and fish then the answer is தங்க மீன் (Gold Fish).

Math Busters

Math Busters is a new Math App in Google Play Store. It uses the Math flash card format used in schools. Your kids can practice Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division using this application. Instead of using a same number in the paper flashcard, this app generates the numbers dynamically. .

GPS - Google Map Helper

GPS/Google Map Helper is a great add on to your phone. It will increase your productivity and easy to navigate to any places from your current location. You can save the frequent address in the app and by a single tap you can open Google navigation from your location to the desired address. .

FlashCard World Pro

Kids learn quickly from images. Flashcards are widely used to develop the kid’s brain. Every parent has bought multiple set of flashcards for their kids and it is lying all over your home. Here is the solution. Flashcard World android application has 742 flashcards under 19 categories. .