Independent Inspect Of Human Activity For Mobile Bots

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI), a fact that increasingly robots are already replacing humans in a variety of roles. An intelligent mobile robots success rate of operating and collaborating with humans in day-to-day living environments depends on their ability to make a statement and learn human movements and obtain a shared understanding of an observed spot.

We can see how human activities being performed in real-world environments will do by a autonomous mobile robot by long-term observation .

A human activity is defined to be a changing spatial configuration of a person’s body while interacting with objects that provide some functionality . To mitigate the limitations of a mobile robot, a noisy visual observations are mapped as important in order to generalise patterns invariant to exact quantitative positions within the real world.A number of spatial-temporal representations are used to capture different aspects of the relations between the human subject and their environment.

The generative probabilistic model is used to recover concepts in an unsupervised manner. At last, variational inference method is used to allow the mobile robot to learn and update its models of human activity over time .


Artificial Intelligence
Mobile Bots
Human activity
Probabilistic model
Variational interference